Name: Kwan Ming Tam
Hometown: Hong Kong, China


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Ming came to Canada in 2011. He completed his B. Sc. in chemistry at Concordia University in 2020 under the guidance of Dr. Cuccia on the chirality-induced spin selectivity effect and its influence on electro-organic reactions. As a member of the institute of co-operative education, he also spent time in the industry (Agilent), academia (ET Lab, HKU) and government (ECCC). His interest in organometallic chemistry and methodology development in organic synthesis led him to join Prof. Arndtsen’s group at McGill University in Winter 2021 as a Ph. D. student. He is currently working on electrochemically driven carbonylative transformations. Outside science, he enjoys the aquarium hobby and reading.



Project description: Electrochemically driven carbonylative transformations



1) "Palladium Catalyzed Conversion of Aryl Triflates to Acyl-DMAP Salts: A Mild and Versatile Approach to Carbonylations"
Pierre-Louis Lagueux-Tremblay, Célestin Augereau, Pranav Nair, Kwan Ming Tam, and Bruce A. Arndtsen*
ACS Catal. 2022, 12, 13394-13399.