Principle Investigator:

Bruce Arndtsen
McGill University Chemistry Department
801 Sherbrooke Street West,
Montreal, QC, H3A 2K6
Lab Phone:
514 398 6903
514 398 5273
514 398 3797
Graduate Students: We accept new graduate students into our laboratory every year. This can be on any of our projects related to organic methodology development, transition metal catalysis, asymmetric synthesis, or macromolecule synthesis. To join our department as a graduate student, contact our graduate coordinator at to apply for admission. You can also get further information on graduate studies at McGill at: Should you wish to receive any further information on the Arndtsen research group, he can be contacted at Note that in addition to NSERC and other graduate fellowships, strong students may also be eligible for Tomlinson Fellowships for graduate studies.

Undergraduate Students: Undergraduate students can also join our research group with an NSERC USRA scholarship. The deadline for application for these is in January. If you are interested in applying, please contact Prof. Arndtsen by email.

Postdoctoral Fellows: Postdoctoral researchers can also be accepted into the laboratory, though typically with some type of external fellowship. There are many opportunities for NSERC or FQRNT scholarships for postdoctoral researchers in Canada, and we will support these applications. In addition, McGill University has Tomlinson Fellowships available for very strong postdoctoral applicants.