Name: Gerardo Martin Torres
Hometown: Puebla, Mexico

Info: Gerardo was born on May 26, 1988 in Puebla, Mexico. He finished his B.Sc. (Honours) in chemistry at the Universidad de las Americas Puebla (UDLAP), completing his thesis on the synthesis and characterization of biodiesel from a local variety of Jatropha curcas L. under homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. In September, 2013 he started his Ph.D under the supervision of Professor Bruce Arndtsen and with the help of CONACyT (Mexico’s National Council of Science and Technology). Currently, Gerardo works on synthesizing substituted pyrroles through a Pd-catalyzed one-pot coupling of readily available starting materials such as alkynes, imines, aryl iodides, and CO.


Project description: Multicomponent synthesis of pyrroles from imines, aryl halides and alkynes.



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