Name: Mohammed Amin Belahouane
Hometown: Guelma, Algeria



Amin was born on March 17th 2001 in Algeria where he spent most of his childhood. He later moved to Montreal, Canada in 2014 where he pursued his collegial education in Dawson College and started his university tuition in the field of chemistry at McGill university. Out of interest in the inorganic and catalytic side of chemistry and in search of expanding his horizon in the field of research, he joined the Arndtsen group in January 2022 as an undergraduate research student for his winter and summer terms of the year. Outside the lab, he enjoys a wide variety of video games and relaxing to rock and metal.



Project description: Photochemical carbonylative coupling



1) "A Visible Light Driven Nickel Carbonylation Catalyst: The Synthesis of Acid Chlorides from Alkyl Halides"
Kristian El Chami, Yi Liu, Mohammed A. Belahouane, Yiyang Ma, Pierre-Louis Lagueux-Tremblay, Bruce A. Arndtsen*
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2023, 62, e202213297.