Name: Angela Kaiser
Hometown: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada



M. Sc. graduated in 2020. Angela was born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia on February 29th, 1996. She completed her BScH with a double major in biology and chemistry at Acadia University in 2018. For her honours biology research, Angela worked in the lab of Dr. Brian Wilson studying the molecular effects of neuroprotecting peptides on ischemic stroke. She joined the Arndtsen lab as a Master’s student in July of 2018. She worked on the palladium-catalyzed C-H bond functionalization of electron rich arenes using aryl and vinyl triflates.



Project description: Palladium Catalyzed Carbonylative C-H Functionalization of Arenes



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Edited by X.-F. Wu, B. Han, K. Ding, Z. Liu. WILEY-VCH GmbH.

2) "Palladium Catalyzed Carbonylative Generation of Potent, Pyridine-Based Acylating Electrophiles for the Functionalization of Arenes to Ketones"
Yi Liu, Angela M. Kaiser and Bruce A. Arndtsen*
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